Crystal Chaos – Muse

The Weekly Challenge this week asks the question, “What subject keeps you coming back?” .. and says “Show us your muse”.

Flowers are on my list here…of course, but it’s frost that I get excited about, never knowing what I’ll find.  The ‘never to be repeated’ creations and sights amaze and inspire the curious mind.

Click for a closer view.

In a world that appears still and lifeless, there is so much movement and life to be found. Everyday happenings become inspiring and often abstract creations..

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Just a reminder for our One Four Challenge players – we start again with the first week in July next Monday – the 6th.  Have fun finding your image.. and a great week 😀

Flowers on Friday

Hello 🙂 Today for Flowers on Friday I’m sharing some Cyclamen images.  Winter has settled in now, here in Australia.. and it’s Cyclamen time.  I love these plants with their curious flowers, amazing textures and many and varied colours. I really enjoy their bright colour on dark days.

The weeks seem to be rolling around very quickly lately and it’s almost the weekend again.  Have a good one!! 😀

AB Friday – One Photo Focus – May

The first Friday of the month (Saturday for me) means that it’s AB Friday, One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy.

I missed April’s One Photo Focus, so I’m happy to be back again. This month we are editing an image taken by Shane Francescut of The Weekly Minute. I enjoy Shane’s work very much!

When seeing this image for the first time, I thought there were many possibilities and it appealed to me, very much! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has done too.

This was my first interpretation of Shane’s image, giving it a kind of 1950s or 60s look – I think? I love the light and shade… and the composition!


But I wanted more, so I had another try.  I was hoping to make it pop! I added a gradient to the sky and surprisingly it’s orange (see below) 😛  For me, this gave the image a harmonious feel.

I like the way it makes the domed roof shine.

This is my finished image for OPF May.

Final image for May’s One Photo Focus.

These are the steps I took to arrive at this result:

Camera Raw – adjusted Temperature, Levels and Clarity. Raised Exposure (to 1.00) and Contrast slightly. Changed Blue, Cyan and Red either in Hues or Saturation.

Open in PS – Add Curves Contrast to lighten. Adjusted Levels, Cropped and Straightened image slightly and did a bit of Burning in the shadows.

I wanted to bring the sky in more as I’d lost some of the blue – I tried gradients here, but didn’t achieve anything I liked, so I hopped into CEP4 and added the orange gradient. I didn’t know I was going to do that 😉

Back out to PS and masked out some of the gradient, where it was too heavy.  That’s it!

Here is Shane’s original unedited RAW image.


I do enjoy working on someone else’s image and knowing that there are others working on the same image too – it’s fun and worth the wait – You can view them all on Stacy’s blog at Visual Venturing.

I hope the link will be correct (I am scheduling before Stacy’s post). If not for some reason, click here 😀

..and many thanks to Stacy for hosting this fun!

Post for Brendan – Landscape Layers 3

Hi Brendan.. and everyone 🙂

Here I am again, back from my break over April to share another layered landscape with you.

Storm front

click for a larger view

This image is a combination of 2 images taken one afternoon at 3.40pm, when this amazing storm front literally swept through. I took this in early April when the ground was so dry and in desperate need of rain. The colour almost drained from the landscape, turning everything to shades of grey, as it passed. I thought this was another amazing sight, with those clouds looking so menacing and the fingers reaching down – yet such beauty!  It did simply blow through and not much rain fell on it’s way past.. but much rain has fallen since and all are thankful that it’s green once again.

I’m always glad to hear from you Brendan and do enjoy receiving your comments, when you leave them. Wishing you another encouraging week ahead 🙂

The original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ can be found here.