Country Morning..

February has been such a hot month in Australia – in fact I think it’s the hottest on record since the 1800s.. OR simply the hottest on record.

This means lots of ‘not being outside’.. just way too hot. It’s been a survival and hibernating month so far. Today is another hot one…

This morning though, was gorgeous!  A touch of cool in the air.. So pleasant and a good time to be out, before the heat of the day.

Here’s what I saw..

An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..
An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..

I haven’t been posting much this year, but as the weather cools I hope to be sharing more of what I’m seeing…

Hope you’re having a great year so far!

(This post will link to Max’s Changing Seasons for February… soon..)

Like a dog with a bone…

Oh man…





lml6_robyngosby-2016Happy doggy sigh…

what-bark-robyngosby-2016“What?! Bark!!

A bit of silliness for a Friday – the weekend is coming…

Another reminder too, to say that the One Four Challenge for November starts on Monday the 7th – Come join me if you’re able 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend, doing something you LOVE!

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Seeing Differently Challenge – 6 of 15

Today I’m sharing my 6th image for this challenge.

On Saturday afternoon, at last light – the most amazing sea mist rolled inland. This is unusual, but with the sun going down, it was catching the rays and all the particles in the air. Wow!

I’m not sure if a camera can ever do justice to a scene like this, but I had to try  🙂

What made it really special, was a dear little visitor. A Willy Wagtail – one of my favourite little birds… He was flitting around catching all the bugs in the air…well, I’m sure he was hoping anyway!  What a wonderful scene. I’m so glad I was a part of it.

seeing-differently-6_800_robyngosby-2016I love watching the birds – we have so many here and they are wonderful. It’s not very often though, that I am quick enough to capture the moment. For me, all this moment needed was some fairy dust – actually if you look closely the little bugs are substituting for the fairy dust!

If this challenge (idea) appeals to you, please jump in. You are welcome 🙂 We will be exploring throughout October.

A new button..

seeing-differently-button_robyngosby-2016Tag with #seedifferently2016 so we can find your post.

To read about this challenge for October – see details here

July – Behind the scenes

Lately I’ve been noticing ‘monthly review’ posts around the blogs and I think it’s a great idea!  This got me thinking.. There are images that I’d like to share and for one reason or another, it doesn’t happen – usually it boils down to my limited time sitting at the computer these days, which means I don’t post lots.

So.. somewhere around the beginning of the new month,  I’m going to share with you my ‘Behind the Scenes’ images from the month before.. the ones that I might like to share, but instead they usually sit on the hard drive.  These might be an idea I was working on or something I saw that I liked or even just a snapshot sometimes. Most of them will have some ‘everyday-ness’ about them, as that is my circumstance presently.

I do like to play a little and be silly with my camera too, so my behind the scenes will occasionally or often include something random 😉

So without further ado, here is my first ‘Behind the Scenes’.. I do hope you’ll be inspired by everyday things 🙂

July Snow – We don’t get snow every year here, but this month we’ve had our share.

In the Garden – there’s not much at all going on in the garden at this time of year, but I still like to look to see what I can find 🙂

My little Companion – this little girl is such great company. She and her sister are my constant companions out and about and with the camera.

One Four Challenge – this image was one I was working on for July.  The ducks went to the country!


Being Silly – As I’ve said previously, “I do love a Minion”.. well maybe it’s just Anyway a bit of silly fun to end July’s Behind the Scenes 🙂

I am taking a break over August, but have a couple more posts to share this week and I think I’ll keep sharing Flowers on Friday (if I have them).

Do hope you’ve enjoyed my first Behind the Scenes.. Have a fantastic August!!