Monochrome Madness 2-9: Fences

Today is the second theme month for Monochrome Madness, hosted by Leanne 🙂  For this week (the first Weds of the month), the theme is Fences.


While wandering a few weeks ago, I saw this gorgeous sight in the afternoon.  I thought it fit the MM theme perfectly this time around.

To see lots more inspiring monochrome images, pop over to  Leanne’s. Don’t miss it!  Thanks Leanne for all you do making this challenge possible 😀

Life seems to be much busier at my place presently, so I’ve decided to participate in the theme weeks of MM for now, until things settle a bit – whenever that might be 😉

Post for Brendan – Settled In

Hi Brendan..and hello everyone!

This week I revisited an old tractor… it’s a favourite of mine.  It’s a lovely old tractor – is there such a thing? I think so…  Can you see it’s face?

Settled In

I had a bit of fun processing this one and I stopped when I was happy. I think it looks very ‘settled in’ to it’s spot – camouflaged.

Have the best week Brendan… and everyone!!!  Seems I have plenty to say this week, so I’ll be back again tomorrow and maybe even the next day? 😉

You can read the original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ here.

Post for Brendan – Where’s the shovel?

Good morning Brendan and good morning everyone!

I’ve been playing with toys again 😉

Where's the shovel?

Perhaps I’ll let you make up your own stories about this one, this week 🙂  If a story does come to mind… and you care to share.. I’d love to hear. I know… crazy… but a bit of fun!

Ok.. I’ll tell you my crazy thoughts.  I keep hearing echoes of some voice over person saying, “Farming in Spaaaace” – said like ‘Pigs in Spaaaace‘ from the Muppets 😀  There I said it… I either made you laugh or

Wishing you a week filled with wonder… and not too many pigs in space!

You can read the original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ here.

Difference a day makes…

Thought I’d share with you how yesterday – our Spring Snow day – finished up.  The contrast from morning to afternoon, I think, is simply amazing.  I never tire of nature’s beauty in all it’s forms.

In my previous post – Spring Snow – the day started out verrry unexpectedly snowy… and this image below,  is how the same day ended. The light was stunning…and it really is that green!

Snow Day Afternoon

As you can see, I’m making the most of a bit of power while it lasts!