Seeing Differently Challenge – 14 of 15

Today I’m sharing 3 images for the 14th part of the seeing differently challenge…

I took these images some while back and came across them yesterday – I thought they fit the challenge.

I love capturing the ephemeral… even in a tea cup!

I know this is just a tea cup, but to me it’s not ordinary.  This moment will never come again! I love that!

When I was shooting this, I grabbed the camera and set my ISO to 640, as it was the end of the day – shooting handheld – this resulted in noise… but I had to share 🙂

Finding 15 (different) images throughout October has proved to be really a challenge!! I’m amazed and delighted at what we’ve all found / seen, within our own spaces.

Seeing in a different way – observing – treats us to things that (perhaps?) we miss ordinarily.

If this challenge (idea) appeals to you, please jump in. There is still time.

The challenge wraps up on the 31st October..

I have one more post to share and then on the 31st I’m going to share a gallery of my 15 images for the month and I’m going to pick my favourites from the ones I’ve taken this month.

I’d love to see a gallery of your work too, if you’d care to share – posting on the 31st – and tell us all which of your images are your favourites too.  I think this will be a fun way to wrap up our challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing differently!

Please let me know if I’ve missed any of your posts.. I am sooo enjoying seeing all the different images and ways of seeing, being posted by everyone! Thanks for joining me this month!

To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the WP Reader.. and enjoy!

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To read about this challenge for October – see details here

Grey day still life..

This past week, I’ve been trying a few different things, within my own space (inside and out).. and I’ve been following the available light… or lack thereof..

This post is one where the light was very low and I was facing a South Eastern aspect (the only place I could set up, in the afternoon) – I wondered what my results might be.  I thought I’d share what I found.

Using a beautiful white Ranuncula (and bud), a quirky earthenware vase, white curtains as a backdrop and a couple of different papers for the table top, I set about trying to ‘find’ what I liked.

My default is usually to look closely at my subject.  I never tire of this… there is always such beauty or interest to be found… For me – this didn’t disappoint.

I needed extra light though, as the ambient light was too low.  I wanted to keep my ISO low (320), so I used a spot lamp just above and behind the subject and also had another lamp set to light the ceiling (1 meter to the right) – you can see the cast shadow in a couple of images. I really could have had better light though (or chosen the higher ISO).

The lighting seemed to give some contrast and enhanced the mood I think – that of the grey day.

Next, I moved further back from my subject – something I really have to think about as I needed to stay within the bounds of my space (roughly 1 metre square).

It’s always worth having a look at the other side of your subject too!  You never know..


So after trying out a few different points of view, I took the images into Lightroom.  On most of the images, I moved the highlights, whites, shadows and dark sliders to bring out what I saw, instead of them being flat. Some did need a lift in exposure – they were too dark or flat – so definitely not the ideal aspect or light!!

Also, on all of the images I added a touch of red to the highlights.

So, that’s it for today – my experiments with Flowers on Friday.

I hope this might give you some food for thought – perhaps.. Have a great weekend!!

Robyn x


A couple of weeks ago I was given a mixed bunch of Australian native flowers… I knew they wouldn’t last a long time – some will tend to keep their shape and become dry – so I wanted to photograph them while they are fresh.  As you can see in this flower, the petals are showing signs of age already.


This flower – one I’m unfamiliar with – measures approximately 4 inches across.  At a glance, it is quite ordinary looking – in fact it doesn’t really look like a flower, but more like greenery.  With a closer look though, the texture is beautiful and I love the way the wrapped centre – which is very much like lemon skin – appears to be embellished with black cross stitches.

Nature rarely disappoints 🙂

Monochrome Madness Wk 34

Some images just make you (me) work hard.. and this is one of them!

I’ve been watching this ‘Spathiphyllum Petite’ bud and flower for many months now and I’ve been pondering how I would photograph it.  This was / is my first attempt and it’s my entry for this week’s MM – week 34!

MMC 34_Marbled_Spathiphyllum_Robyn Gosby _2014

Whatever I did when I was photographing this image, I ended up with low-ish resolution and a noisy file… it was low light. Lots of work, so I’ll try it again 🙂

I ended up with posturising on this image – I suppose I did it in the post editing.. a bit of a mystery really and a learning curve – I like that – although I haven’t solved it yet… always much to learn – I love that!  I decided to go with it and enhanced the image with sepia tones, which showed up as pink marbling… so I called it ‘Marbled’ 😀

Many thanks to Leanne for hosting and to Laura for cheering us on!  Pop on over to Leanne’s to check out this week’s wonderful gallery.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all of you who follow, comment and are generally interested in what I’m doing. It means a lot to me – thank you!!