Post for Brendan – Settled In

Hi Brendan..and hello everyone!

This week I revisited an old tractor… it’s a favourite of mine.  It’s a lovely old tractor – is there such a thing? I think so…  Can you see it’s face?

Settled In

I had a bit of fun processing this one and I stopped when I was happy. I think it looks very ‘settled in’ to it’s spot – camouflaged.

Have the best week Brendan… and everyone!!!  Seems I have plenty to say this week, so I’ll be back again tomorrow and maybe even the next day? 😉

You can read the original post on ‘Posting for Brendan’ here.

The Old Beale

Further to yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share another image of the old Beale piano…


This old piano makes me feel nostalgic 🙂  Pianos make me think of time spent with family and fun times.  With that in mind, I thought I’d post process this image with a ‘nostalgic’ film filter using Color Efex. The piano really doesn’t look ‘that nostalgic’ but I kinda like it 🙂

This one’s for you Laura 😀

June must be my piano default setting with the colder weather setting in, as I also posted an image of this piano in June last

Zig Zag Railway

A couple of weeks ago on another trip home, I passed by the iconic Australian, Zig Zag Railway.

The Zig Zag was always somewhere we were going to visit as a family when our young man was a teeny train loving fellow.  Now… we’re all older train loving fellows and we still haven’t been on it….yet.

Presently, the  Zig Zag is closed, having been damaged by the October 2013 fires.. that raged across the Blue Mountains.  Very sad to hear… although there is a promise of a whisper….

I pass by fairly often these days and on this particular day there was nobody around, so I drove in and had a bit of a look around.  It does look quite empty, but you can’t see immediate fire damage from where I was.

Zig Zag railway March 2014It was a little like being in a Ghost town… except it doesn’t ‘feel‘ abandoned.

abandoned train

The Zig Zag Railway is an Australian heritage railway outside of Lithgow in NSW.  It operates on the Lithgow Zig Zag line which was part of the Main Western rail line from October 1869 until October 1910. It was re-opened as a heritage railway in October 1975.  In June 2012 the Zig Zag Railway closed for an indefinite period.  It was aiming to resume services last year in October, but was severely damaged during the bushfires.  (Source Wiki.)

I did hear a whisper the other day that it might be opening again… I really do hope so!!

Here are a few more pics I took on the day.