Still life in nature..

Back to toys again!

Well I suppose they are really collectables… but for me they’re a little fun with still life!

This time of year makes me feel alive with the cool mornings and evenings and the beautiful sparkly morning dews. I love it and it makes me want to explore and create.


I love trains and trucks.. and especially red ones… or pink ones!!

.. candy pink!

A simple post today..

..and here are some images for regular random

..more about different looks this time, with a couple of different views…

Have a great week!


Sunset Ambience
Sunset Ambience

Joining in with the Weekly Challenge

On the afternoon this image was taken (in October last year) – there was a stillness and beauty about the end of the day..

The weather had changed.  An inversion layer brought misty air, which carried the last of the sunlight upon it’s particles..

Tiny insects flitting around, sparkling in the sunlight.. and the sun’s rays making all things ordinary, beautiful for a few fleeting moments..

..and then, the day was done.

One Four Challenge Final – Nov Week 4

Hello and welcome to the final week of the One Four Challenge…

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final images this week for our challenge..

This month (and this week) is our last and final challenge for the One Four. We’ve had such a great run for two years.. It’s been a fantastic learning curve and good fun – not to mention the wonderful community of people who have participated over these 2 years.. Thank you all.

My Image:

This week, I went back to my week 1 image and was looking to create a Black and White style that suited this image.. I was thinking ‘old’…

I tried many things but didn’t find the B&W that I wanted, so decided to go with a Matt version. I think it still gives the old feel that I was looking for..

Here is week 4.


I tried many different things, so I don’t remember my steps this week… I worked in Lightroom again and am always learning new things, which is awesome. What a fantastic platform!

Here is my gallery of images for November..

Well here we are at the very end of our Challenge – what a great ride and wonderful learning curve it’s been! So much learned along the way and so much inspiration from each and every one of you who has participated… You’ve made it awesome!!!

Thank you so much!!  The best part for me has been making the wonderful blogging friends along the way…

I look forward to this final week and seeing your images… and then seeing what you do next.  See you on the blogs!!! 😀

Robyn xx