St Stanislaus Landscape

A few posts ago, I showed you the magnificent building, St Stanislaus.

Today I want to show you (still from the same vantage point), the landscape view of St Stanislaus and beyond.

Quite a view and quite a building!

St Stanislaus Landscape_sml

For this image, I’ve definitely been trying some effects.

I’ve also raised the saturation and contrast levels, giving it (I feel) a fine textured feel, without actually adding texture.  I’m happy with this result and the colours… I do love colour! The possibilities are seemingly quite endless 🙂

Here is the original image (below)…

St Stannies Original_sml

..and also a Black and White version, which is my favourite of all.  No distractions.  It seems to be all about the architecture, shapes and shadows..

St Stannies BW_sml

Even though the afternoon shadows were falling, it was still a very contrasty day.

Mount Panorama Racing Circuit

Mount Panorama is a racing circuit in NSW and one of the best known in Australia.  Every October we have a motor race that has many Aussies glued to the TV or computer to cheer along their favourite racing team.. and to see who wins.

The other day we drove around the track… it’s always fun and the view is fantastic. It was quite empty, except for a few people doing the same thing as us.

Mt Panorama_sml

I tried something new (for me) with this image… I wanted to show you where the photograph was taken from… that being the race track.  I split the composition into 3rds effectively,  showing you the foreground, middle and the very distant background in even proportions.

I’m drawn to this image and I’ll keep pondering on it, as to whether the foreground is more of a distraction or if it tells the story I want it to.

I love this fantastic view!

St Stanislaus

The workers entrance? 🙂

St Stanislaus’ College is a school for boys, located in Bathurst NSW AU. It is a grand building!

St Stanislaus3_sml

I like this view.  It’s not the everyday view of the school.  The roof is so wonderfully shiny and silver you can see it for many miles.

It makes me think of Harry Potter 😀