Farmers Creek Rail Viaducts

Following on from yesterday’s post, I did some research on these marvelous Rail Viaducts that are a part of the history of the Lithgow NSW area.  These twin viaducts are only two, of similar viaducts in the area.

These two viaducts are known locally as the Bowenfels Rail Viaducts OR the Farmers Creek Viaducts.

Farmers Creek Viaduct 3_sml

The lower bridge – the 1870 viaduct –  is one of the oldest sandstone archway viaducts in NSW AU and was built for the single track  Great Western Railway, that eventually continued on west to Bathurst.

It’s structure is made up of nine semi-circular arches, each 2 feet thick and the piers are of solid stone.

The higher bridge – the 1921 viaduct – is a brick arch viaduct comprising six 40 feet clear spans and as at March 2006 was one of the largest brick arch structures on the New South Wales railways system.

Apparently they are both in good condition although the lower 1870s viaduct is no longer a working railway bridge.

I’ve driven past these wonderful bridges many times and always wondered about their history.

I thought it would be fun to try and create an image of how they may have been photographed, each in their day.

Farmers Creek Viaduct 1870s_sml

A representation of the 1870s viaduct.. of course the taller brick bridge would not have been there.

Farmers Creek Viaduct 1920s_sml

..and a representation of the 1921 viaduct..

I didn’t find this an easy subject to research.  The info I gathered was collected from the NSW Government, Environment and Heritage site.  It’s good to know a bit about their history.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

On the way to town yesterday I was pondering what I might find for the weekly challenge and  I remembered something I had always wanted to photograph: “The beautiful old train bridge at Lithgow NSW AU” with it’s wonderful arches or for this week’s challenge… curves.

Train bridge_Colour

The timing was amazing… there was a coal train crossing the bridge as I stopped.  The engine had already passed, but I was thrilled to take the image with coal cars crossing the bridge.  I’ve never seen a train crossing this bridge before.

I love this wonderful old bridge… I’m going to do some research now, to see what I can find out about it’s history.