Finding beauty everyday..

Lately I’ve been reminding myself to look at the things in front of me (again) and to find the ‘beauty’ within them and within my circumstances, whatever they are on any given day.

Daffodil bud_RobynGosby 2016

I love the details (yes.. and being able to look closer) – winter has been very cold here again this year (today is a dark, cold, blustery rainy day) and it’s very easy to become insular and not notice the little or big things… I want to notice them both!

I love finding the magic (beauty) in every day! It’s important to me.

This winter I seem to have become quite random- in a hibernating kind of mood and disorganised… Urgh!  Aches and pains are worse through winter too and very distracting!

My doggies have kept me busy though and we have been outside with the ball – nearly every day, in rain or shine  😀

Winter’s nearly done now (officially the last day today).. and Spring is coming! I’m purposefully setting about to become organised again – feeling like I have a little more energy and am really looking forward to the freshness of Spring. We’ll still have cold for another month, here in the high country – but it’s a good time to paint (not walls – although maybe)… and spring clean!

I must say too – one of my joys and responsibilities this winter season has been raising a little orphan calf (and watching a couple of others) and he is doing very well. It’s always hard work and so rewarding!

Today I want to share some everyday images (all taken indoors this month) – the un-ordinary – things that I think are beautiful for different reasons.  It may be the light (it’s always the light!).. or the object itself.  It might be the way I saw it on the day – or it could be the day itself that makes everything look wonderful!

Well.. that’s it from me for this last day of August – I look forward to seeing what discoveries/challenges (big or small) September brings with it 😀

Let’s make it great!