Collaboration with Emilio #5

It’s time for another image editing collaboration with Emilio ( and as I’m away presently, this post is scheduled to coincide with Emilio’s post.. I hope ) 🙂

This image is my end result and this time we are working with Emilio’s image and this is the back story he gave me.  I find it helps to have some idea of the circumstances when working with another photographer’s image. It’s also fun and a privilege.. and challenging!

“I was driving home at about 6 pm and it looked like rain was really coming down over the mountains. You could see very low, misty clouds hugging the mountain tops. So I headed off in that direction towards a place called Red Rock Canyon to the west. By the time I got there, the clouds had gone. So had the rain. But it was windy and cold.”

Knowing what it had been like, due to Emilio’s description and also knowing what appealed to him about the image, I decided to try to emulate the circumstances without actually knowing what it looked like – but only what I imagined it to be.


I wanted to subtly bring back the mist that was hanging around after the rain and keep the mood subdued, hopefully suggesting the cold and time of day.

At that time of day, the colours become more de-saturated and it becomes more about shapes and shadows. In my/this interpretation, it’s not quite that dark yet, but the light is almost gone and it’s the end of the day.

Emilio – do hope you like my interpretation of your image.  I always enjoy what you choose – you make me think and I really like that!

I do enjoy these collaborations and I like the way Emilio processes his images.. and mine 🙂  Once again, I haven’t read his post or seen his image yet, so am looking forward to both!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see the real story and his image! I know it will be great! Plus there are some wonderfully inspiring photos taken by him. In fact there are many!

Thanks heaps again, for the fun and the challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you too have enjoyed another of our collaborations 🙂

Collaboration with Emilio #4 – Macquarie Lighthouse

The last time I posted about a collaboration with Emilio, I was taking a blogging break.. and this time around has been the same.  There was a #3 collaboration which I didn’t post about (don’t remember why), but I’ll share a link further down, so you can view it on Emilio’s blog – as well as this, our fourth effort 🙂

This next round has been coming for a while really, but I must admit my heart wasn’t in it while my back was troubling me.  I seem to be enjoying a reprieve right now, for which I’m very grateful.

This time we are working on my own image – one that was taken on a drive after Christmas last year.

This is Macquarie Lighthouse – it was the first.. and is the longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia. It is located on Dunbar Head, Vaucluse, about (2 kilometres south of South Head) near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. (Source Mr. Wikipedia)

This 1883 structure is a replica of the original, built in 1818.

My image

I wanted to give my image a historic feel that tells a story without words – to convey the type of day and hopefully the era.

You can read more about the 2 Lighthouses (the original and the replica) and see them standing side by side by visiting Macquarie Lighthouse on Wikipedia and also the Lighthouses of NSW site.

I find this a fascinating subject and think it’s wonderful that it’s still a working lighthouse today.

The area itself is right on the ocean, although quite high from the water.  The place feels steeped in history and it was a real pleasure to be there and simply pass some time… and to see other people enjoying some time too.

The image was taken right on the cliffs near the ocean with a southerly breeze and it was a very cloudy (not photo friendly) kind of afternoon. The sky was really amazing in all of it’s layered grey-ness.

December in Sydney is normally pretty hot, but this day was as I described.  There were people walking on the paths. The surrounds of the lighthouse are a sort of reserve / park.

Here are some more images from the afternoon..

While I was sitting on the path (as you do) – this dear little fellow ‘George’, decided to visit me on the way past. George tootled off the path and came and sat directly in front of me. Hover on the images to see what George had to say 😉

Dear little George – he left an indelible mark on my heart and a very fond memory 🙂

Bye bye George 🙂

Further down this path, you’ll see this wonderful view…


Well that’s all from me on Macquarie Lighthouse… and my part of our collaboration this time around.

I do enjoy these collaborations with Emilio and I also enjoy the way he processes his images.. and mine 🙂  I know he tried a few different options with this one and I haven’t read his post or seen the image yet, so am looking forward to it!

Please pop on over to Emilio’s to see how he has interpreted my image with the information I gave him about the place and the day.

To see our previous effort, working with Emilio’s image – This is my interpretation below and you can also visit Emilio’s previous post here.


Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!

..and I hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts too 😀

AB Friday – One Photo Focus – September

The first Friday of the month (almost Saturday for me) means that it’s AB Friday, One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy.

I’ve been away from One Photo Focus for a few months – time just hasn’t allowed, but I’m happy to be back… again 😉

When I saw that the chosen image to work on, was Ben’s this time ’round, I knew it would be fun.. and I thought – something challenging.  Surprise! Ben offered us a fabulous 3 bracketed image to create with if we chose to – I did!

First I turned Ben’s bracketed images into one HDR image… this was my result below.


I started experimenting next, as I wasn’t sure what I was hoping to achieve.. I decided to go into Topaz Restyle for some inspiration and it worked. I found a preset with an almost fluro green in it – I don’t usually like green, except on plants 😉 Note: I’ve been working on a laptop that show colours in a weird way – so lol… IF it’s over the top, I don’t know about that yet.. he he…

Somehow I got a ‘Steampunk’ kind of feeling from the ‘green-ness’, the structure of the building and the clouds.. and decided to go that way.. a little bit.

Here is my final result using Ben’s image and these are the steps I took to arrive at this result:


I can’t quite put my finger on what ‘style’ this really is – is it Steam punk or is is something else?  I can imagine men with top hats and swirly moustaches.. and ladies in long dresses with bustles and hats and umbrellas.. and perhaps a dragon?? ..and some magnificent flying machines! 😀

The formal garden beds with new daisy plants were some I photographed last week, on my way home from the Art Gallery. I thought I’d try them here, hoping I hadn’t forgotten my perspective lessons from art school.

I’ll try to remember what I did.

Lightroom – I merged the bracketed images in Lightroom. Made some adjustments to exposure, shadows, highlights and clarity.

PS – When I got to PS, I hopped straight into Topaz Restyle and found I liked the green, so I went back to PS.

I cropped the image, added the garden beds and the ducks and did some selective dodging and burning.

In brief, that’s really what I did.  Plenty of fiddling around, trying other things to finally decide I liked it best the way it was.  I wanted some kind of formal structure in my edition to work with the wonderful castle.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed working on someone else’s image – thank you Ben 🙂 – and it’s great knowing that there are others working on the same image too – it is challenging and fun!  You can view them all on Stacy’s blog at Visual Venturing.

I hope the link will be correct (I am scheduling before Stacy’s post). If not for some reason, click here 😀

..and many thanks to Stacy for hosting this fun!

Collaboration with Emilio #2

I’m presently enjoying a blog break and some down time with family – and I’ve been finding some time for the camera, which is awesome!! ..and the weather has been co-operating.

This week, I’ve been working on another small collaboration with Emilio (the 1st, was shown in week 4 of the One Four Challenge). It’s been great fun to work on another joint project!

This time we are working on the same image – my Snow Jalopy (previously shown with minimal editing in my July Behind the Scenes post).

We both like old trucks and vehicles (I know lots of us do) and I always enjoy Emilio’s processing and photographs of these old relics. As yet I haven’t seen his version/s of my image, so I really am looking forward to it 🙂

Snow-Jalopy RobynGosby 2015

This photo of the old Jalopy was taken last month. It was just before the last light of day. The light was low and the snow was setting in again.

The Jalopy still sits here, enveloped by a winter plum grove among some forgotten and unused ‘stuff’.

To check out Emilio’s post click here.

Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!