Country Morning..

February has been such a hot month in Australia – in fact I think it’s the hottest on record since the 1800s.. OR simply the hottest on record.

This means lots of ‘not being outside’.. just way too hot. It’s been a survival and hibernating month so far. Today is another hot one…

This morning though, was gorgeous!  A touch of cool in the air.. So pleasant and a good time to be out, before the heat of the day.

Here’s what I saw..

An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..
An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..

I haven’t been posting much this year, but as the weather cools I hope to be sharing more of what I’m seeing…

Hope you’re having a great year so far!

(This post will link to Max’s Changing Seasons for February… soon..)

Snow Day..

Good morning all…

Just popping in from my break to share some snowy pics. In my part of Australia, we may or may not get snow every year (on the Central Tablelands).. but this year, we’ve had a few snow days already and we are expecting some more..

It’s wonderful! ..the ground is so dry from the past summer, so we are getting some much needed moisture.. and… it’s always so pretty!

..and the sun tried to come out!
..and the sun tried to come out!

I’m enjoying my break. I seem to be mostly busy with work, but I am also finding time to do some painting, which I do love.

That’s it from me for now.. and as I said previously, I’ll be back for the One Four Challenge in August.

Have a fabulous July!! 😀


November morning..

This past week, my first week of break has seen my area here with many storms and much rain!

I have been taking some down time for myself as well as working, but this morning was my first opportunity to get outside with the camera, due to the wet weather.

Everything was covered in water drops… it was so fresh and pretty…

I thought the Spring trees were lovely covered in their fine watery jewellery…with the light shining on and through their leaves.

Of course I had my helpers with me – we were all exploring..

November morning 1 Robyn Gosby 2015

..and then an hour later more rain and storms were on the way… and they’re still coming!

November morning 9 Robyn Gosby 2015

A pretty nice start to the day..

..and then just after lunch time I had the chance to catch up with Kaz from Days and Months… and her partner.  I think we had the best yak!    So great to meet you Kaz!! ..and lovely to meet up with like minded people 😀

A most enjoyable day.

I know this is not a Flowers on Friday post, but I’d thought I’d share the lovely leaves 😛

Have another great weekend!!


Post for Brendan – Sunrise Panorama

Morning Brendan 🙂 ..and everyone!

This morning I want to share with you the most beautiful sunrise taken at the end of May.  Well actually, it was before the sunrise. The clouds, light and colour were amazing… and glorious!

Sunrise-Panorama RobynGosby 2015

Click for  a larger view.

Brendan, this will be my last post for you.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed ‘seeing through my eyes’ for a time.  It’s been a privilege 🙂 You’ll be able to see all of your posts under ‘Brendan‘ in categories any time.  Stay in touch.  I love hearing from you.

Blessings, Robyn x

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