Sunset Ambience
Sunset Ambience

Joining in with the Weekly Challenge

On the afternoon this image was taken (in October last year) – there was a stillness and beauty about the end of the day..

The weather had changed.  An inversion layer brought misty air, which carried the last of the sunlight upon it’s particles..

Tiny insects flitting around, sparkling in the sunlight.. and the sun’s rays making all things ordinary, beautiful for a few fleeting moments..

..and then, the day was done.

Autumn Colour..

It’s Friday! 😀 .. and today I thought I’s share the beautiful Pin Oak leaves with their Autumn colours. They are turning very quickly now… These photos were taken just as the sun was setting yesterday.

I  love the way these trees show the transition of colour as the tree prepares to hibernate for the Winter season.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Looking forward, looking back..

It’s 2016! The New Year always brings with it thoughts of fresh starts and new ideas. We make our resolutions and start again (or keep going) at the beginning of each year.. Well, we do try 🙂

Looking forward.. (to the right)

..and for me, each New Year brings the want and/or need to try different things.  I’m not very good at keeping resolutions, so I don’t make them very often. I’d rather explore ideas and I do love to stretch and hopefully grow and try new things.

This year I’d like to try some different things with my photography and get back to doing some art. I don’t really know what this means yet (ideas are brewing), so I’ll go with the flow as the year progresses…

Looking forward.. (to the left)

One thing I do want to try photographically this year, is to do a simple One Lens Project. I’m going to choose one fixed lens for this project. It will be interesting to see what I can find and see with a fixed focal length.

Looking back - last light for 2015
Looking back – last light for 2015

These photographs were taken on New Year’s Eve (not with my fixed lens).  We drove to the beach at my request.  I love the water and the beach and being a bit of a land lubber these days, I don’t see the water often enough.

It was so good to be there. It was brief – “Quick let me out of the car!” – at last light 🙂 It was very windy and it was wonderful.  The smell of the water is rejuvenating! Did I tell you I love the beach?!!

The images were taken towards the beach and looking back towards the club house?.. and car park.

Looking back at 2015.. it’s been a very rewarding year on the whole.

We are still on break for another week presently and not doing much at all…and simply going with the flow. It’s wonderful!

I’d like to start the year again with some more words of thanks…

Thanks for your support, friendship and encouragement xx  Wishing us all a fantastic 2016!!