Monochrome Madness Wk 33

Monochrome Madness is here again and we’re at 33 weeks.  Wow!

I want to share with you this week – the mono version of my photo ‘Retro’.  I really like the freshness of the colour photo (shared a few posts ago), but the B&W surprised me.. I like the translucence.


Many thanks once again to Leanne and Laura.. for starting and continuing the MM fun!!  Pop on over to Leanne’s blog to see this week’s entries and gallery.


This image gives me a kind of retro feel… and I love the pretty yellow of this daisy.


The days are gorgeous here presently and I’m so happy to say the sun is shining brightly… and I’m out in it every minute I can grab 🙂

This however is not fabulous photo weather (so far) as it’s also windy and glary… no complaints though, after the very grey days of winter.  I’m out there trying!

I may take to photographing forks pretty soon, so if you see a fork, you’ll know what’s going 😀

I’m going to share a B&W version of this image for MM33 next week… the black and white surprised me!

Monochrome Madness ~ Week 24

This week I’ve been experimenting with light and texture – two of my favourite things.  I’m always fascinated by light and the way it changes the surfaces it touches.

I’m including an image from my experiment for this week’s Monochrome Madness.


~ Light Play ~ textures of textiles, a seashell and glass

I really like all of the light play going on in this image… again to the point of abstraction.

I’m looking forward to all the beautiful monochrome images for this week’s madness 🙂  Pop on over to Leanne’s to see them all… It’s worth visiting every week!!

Thanks to Leanne for all her work in making this happen and a shout out to Laura this week.  Wishing you well xx

Light, surface and texture…

Today I’ve been experimenting with light and surface.  I love the way light hits a surface and changes it, revealing it’s sometimes hidden texture or lack of it.

Light changes things!!


I revisited some Autumn leaves that I kept… and my seashells.  The light touching these items was changing as I was shooting.  A fun little experiment.

When I was writing this post I wasn’t aware it was also the Weekly Photo Challenge topic, but hey it works, so I’m including this for the week’s challenge – Texture 🙂

Play becomes joy, joy becomes work, work becomes play.

Johannes Itten

Here’s a gallery with some of the images.