One Four Challenge – December review – looking back..

This week I decided to take a look back at some of my favourite images from the One Four Challenge..

The first faves that come to mind are the ducks and the old truck:

Week 2
The ducks.. July 2015

I learned so much with this image. I remember feeling at the time that this was an unusual photo choice for me, but something I’ve always enjoyed watching as an onlooker. I think I simply hadn’t had the chance to ‘be there’ before to take the shot.

This image was where Emilio and I swapped images too and brought them together – with similar final results, un-beknowns to us both. That was fun!!

It was a challenging image (knowing what I could do with it – not just for the sake of doing – I was very stuck after week 2), a fun one and a huge learning curve.

I also remember at the time, I was trialing Topaz Impressions and I was experimenting trying different painterly versions. I thought this image really lent itself to this style,


Dec 2014 and April 2015 – the old truck/jalopy. Another favourite.

I learned a lot here too!!

With this one it was all about trying new things and finding my way around new (to me) parts of Photoshop… and how to do things a better way. I don’t even know that I got it exactly right, but again the learning curve was very valuable!

Other images that I really enjoyed creating and playing with were:

Nov 14 – the seed head – my first image of the challenge.

With Macro being a firm favourite of mine, I found this image easy and inspiring to work with. I love the details!

May 2015 – the Autumn leaves – another fave because of the detail and the fabulous Autumn colours.

These are the one that I really enjoyed through the challenge 🙂

I thought I’d also share some of the software/plugins I used throughout the challenge too.  In the beginning, I was happily trying plugins, but as the time passed I realised I wanted to learn more myself, so put the plugins and actions (mostly) away and focused on Photoshop itself and what I could do with this amazing platform.

Some of what I used:

  • Photoshop
  • Topaz Adjust – I find this a very versatile plugin.
  • Topaz Impressions trial – I really like this one!
  • Nik Color Efex –
  • Coffee shop Actions – I used a Black and White one for the Nov 14 seed head.
  • I probably used Analog Efex at some point too.

For me the learning part of this challenge has been so good. The plugins are fantastic and I like having them as part of my ‘tool bag’, but the best part really has been knuckling down and learning the software itself.

I wonder if you feel you’ve benefited too?  I sure hope so 🙂

Ok, well have a great week and will look forward to reading some of the reviews this week.

Robyn xx

Collaboration with Emilio #2

I’m presently enjoying a blog break and some down time with family – and I’ve been finding some time for the camera, which is awesome!! ..and the weather has been co-operating.

This week, I’ve been working on another small collaboration with Emilio (the 1st, was shown in week 4 of the One Four Challenge). It’s been great fun to work on another joint project!

This time we are working on the same image – my Snow Jalopy (previously shown with minimal editing in my July Behind the Scenes post).

We both like old trucks and vehicles (I know lots of us do) and I always enjoy Emilio’s processing and photographs of these old relics. As yet I haven’t seen his version/s of my image, so I really am looking forward to it 🙂

Snow-Jalopy RobynGosby 2015

This photo of the old Jalopy was taken last month. It was just before the last light of day. The light was low and the snow was setting in again.

The Jalopy still sits here, enveloped by a winter plum grove among some forgotten and unused ‘stuff’.

To check out Emilio’s post click here.

Thanks again for the fun and challenge Emilio!

July – Behind the scenes

Lately I’ve been noticing ‘monthly review’ posts around the blogs and I think it’s a great idea!  This got me thinking.. There are images that I’d like to share and for one reason or another, it doesn’t happen – usually it boils down to my limited time sitting at the computer these days, which means I don’t post lots.

So.. somewhere around the beginning of the new month,  I’m going to share with you my ‘Behind the Scenes’ images from the month before.. the ones that I might like to share, but instead they usually sit on the hard drive.  These might be an idea I was working on or something I saw that I liked or even just a snapshot sometimes. Most of them will have some ‘everyday-ness’ about them, as that is my circumstance presently.

I do like to play a little and be silly with my camera too, so my behind the scenes will occasionally or often include something random 😉

So without further ado, here is my first ‘Behind the Scenes’.. I do hope you’ll be inspired by everyday things 🙂

July Snow – We don’t get snow every year here, but this month we’ve had our share.

In the Garden – there’s not much at all going on in the garden at this time of year, but I still like to look to see what I can find 🙂

My little Companion – this little girl is such great company. She and her sister are my constant companions out and about and with the camera.

One Four Challenge – this image was one I was working on for July.  The ducks went to the country!


Being Silly – As I’ve said previously, “I do love a Minion”.. well maybe it’s just Anyway a bit of silly fun to end July’s Behind the Scenes 🙂

I am taking a break over August, but have a couple more posts to share this week and I think I’ll keep sharing Flowers on Friday (if I have them).

Do hope you’ve enjoyed my first Behind the Scenes.. Have a fantastic August!!

One Four Challenge – April Review – Dec 14 Rework

Hello everyone! 🙂

I do hope the April Review month has been a good one for you.  I used it to mainly take a break off screen as I knew I needed to (it’s been a busy one) – and I’ve really enjoyed seeing some fantastic variations on our first review month and some wonderful images and experiments.

This last few days I decided to go back and revisit my December 2014 image – the old truck.

I know I was still settling into the idea of creating 4 different editions at this stage and digging deeper into PS… These were the 4 variations I created in December, when the challenge was still pretty new.

I love this old truck and I really enjoyed placing it into another environment in the last week of December.  I knew though that the sky was blown out (think apocalypse for Cybele) 😛 and I’ve tried different things to rectify this – but nothing changed it remarkably – soooo… I decided to ‘drive’ it into yet another environment – this time as a toy – well, that is my take on it 😉

Here are a couple more variations, this time as a toy? truck.

I’m not sure which one I like the most – perhaps the lighter one..maybe?? ..or the darker one? 😛 I think the darker one ‘sits’ better into it’s environment – a different time of day perhaps?  Click for a larger view. I did try many things again, but these were the two I settled on.  I wonder what you think?  As always, kind thoughts and comments are very welcome!

It’s been fun to go back to this one!

I’d love to hear what you thought of our review month.  I know I enjoyed it very much and I’d like to do it again in August.

May’s One Four Challenge is just around the corner… We’re back into the swing again on the 4th May – come and play if you can 😀