One Four Challenge Final – Nov Week 4

Hello and welcome to the final week of the One Four Challenge…

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final images this week for our challenge..

This month (and this week) is our last and final challenge for the One Four. We’ve had such a great run for two years.. It’s been a fantastic learning curve and good fun – not to mention the wonderful community of people who have participated over these 2 years.. Thank you all.

My Image:

This week, I went back to my week 1 image and was looking to create a Black and White style that suited this image.. I was thinking ‘old’…

I tried many things but didn’t find the B&W that I wanted, so decided to go with a Matt version. I think it still gives the old feel that I was looking for..

Here is week 4.


I tried many different things, so I don’t remember my steps this week… I worked in Lightroom again and am always learning new things, which is awesome. What a fantastic platform!

Here is my gallery of images for November..

Well here we are at the very end of our Challenge – what a great ride and wonderful learning curve it’s been! So much learned along the way and so much inspiration from each and every one of you who has participated… You’ve made it awesome!!!

Thank you so much!!  The best part for me has been making the wonderful blogging friends along the way…

I look forward to this final week and seeing your images… and then seeing what you do next.  See you on the blogs!!! 😀

Robyn xx

One Four Challenge 2016 – November Week 3

Welcome back to week 3 of November’s One Four Challenge…

Just a quick post from me for this Monday. I hope you’ve had a great week and found some inspiration for your image.

November is going to be our last and final challenge for the One Four. We’ve had such a great run for two years, but it’s time for a break.. and to focus on other things… (I’ll still be blogging here..) It’s been a fantastic learning curve and good fun – not to mention the wonderful community of people who have participated over these 2 years.. Thank you all.

Let’s fully enjoy this month and inspire each other 😀

My Image:

This week, I moved over to the iPad for the first part of editing my image. I went into iColorama (app) and used the glass effect. I chose ‘bubbles or circles’ and I liked the overlay it created. I brushed out some of the effect for the flowers to poke their heads through 🙂

Then I went into Photoshop and added a soft gradient and some whimsical lavender heads with the tablet.

Here is my week 3 effort… A bit of an adventure.. and around the world this week too!

one-four-challenge_week3_nov-16_robyngosbyAfter that it was into Lightroom to watermark and while I was there, I hovered (accidentally) on a Light leak preset and decided I liked it.

Here is a gallery of the images so far..

We’ve had some very stormy weather this week, so I haven’t been around much, plus I was out and about this week a fair bit too… which is always a nice change. Will do some blog reading very soon.

Looking forward once again this week to seeing the editions and the treatments of your images.

The 2016 One Four badge..

Tags: Our tags for this year, wherever you post are #onefourchallenge and #onefour2016

This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks OR taking 4 versions of an image at the time of shooting.

You can read more here

Another week has flown by… Spring is coming to an end and the feel of Summer has been in the air this week.  Have a great one!

Robyn xx

creating Still life.. with white perspex..

A while ago, I purchased some white perspex as a backboard for my watercolour painting…

(after writing:  Apparently I had a lot to say here, so please grab a cuppa if you’re interested in reading on… and.. thank you for reading)

I haven’t used it once for painting that I can remember – I seem to be doing more dabbling, than painting presently – but I have been using it as a background for photographing some natural light, (mostly) high key images..

macaroon4_robyngosby-2016These past weeks have been busy with work, which hasn’t left a lot of time for creating, so my images are ones that I can shoot (once again) within my own space… and with the time that I have available to me.

I thought I’d share a a little bit about the process of shooting and editing – perhaps you might be inspired to try something too.

macaroon1_robyngosby-2016The Macaroons – we artists / photographers see the world differently and can find so much potential in simple things..

On the way home from town one day, my husband and I decided to stop and grab a coffee.. When I was placing our order, I spied these gorgeous colours and decided right then that I needed some… to photograph. They were calling me with their circular shape and soft pretty colours.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with the white perspex and macaroons and enjoying the simplicity.

The perspex: measures approximately 60cm x 45cm (24in x 17.5in), but any size would suit.

My situation: for these exercises I am using the end of my dining room table. It sits in front of a North facing window and gives me beautiful light most of the day (and presently, no direct sunlight). the dining room also has sheer white curtains which I find filters/softens and brightens the light.

The light: the light I am using is natural light from the window (with the sheer curtains) and the dining room light overhead which simply fills the shadows a bit. I am shooting towards the light.

Settings and lens: my settings are ISO 160 (with tripod and remote), F-stop of 5.6 – 3.2 ..and shutter speed to suit me. The lens I am using is my favourite 60mm as it gets in close to fill the frame. Again, you could choose any lens and settings to suit you.

The combination of the backing light, sheers and white perspex, create a shadow in the foreground, which I like.

Composition: I tried different compositions..

Editing: my editing was done in Lightroom..

Exposure: For most of these images I adjusted the exposure, either up or down – depending on what the image needed. The light was constantly changing.

I did try ‘Matching the total exposures’ (see Settings – Match Total Exposures), but it darkened all of the images too much, so I probably selected an image (to match) that was too dark to start with.

Clarity and Contrast:  Most of the images have been adjusted using the Clarity and Contrast sliders. Mostly the contrast is down.  The Clarity was dependent upon the image.

The Gradient tool:  This has got to be my favourite tool in Lightroom presently. It can do so much. You can create a gradient and choose part of the image to adjust – a lot like the Adjustment brush I guess – used similarly in some instances and very different in others (my thoughts only).

examples – you can raise the exposure in a corner to emulate light, deepen or lift shadows, soften and much much more..

Colour: In all of these images, I chose to soften the colour… they were too rich for my liking. I de-saturated most to a level that was appealing to me.

I think that’s about it…

Note: These are my thoughts only and not absolute ways of doing things.. I hope an idea might create a spark and that you’ll have fun trying new things too… or perhaps revisiting old things.

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Robyn xx