Watercolour – Autumn Mist

This past few weeks I’ve finally picked up my paint brushes again after 4 years! The time has flown by.

I love painting and I’m still learning and I think I’ll always feel that way. I’m so rusty!

This painting was inspired by the wonderful Autumn mists at sunrise from over the past few weeks. At the moment I’m just looking – I’ll add a few final touches.

Autumn Mist Watercolour RobynGosby 2016

It’s best viewed in person, but of course that’s not possible, so I’m posting a smaller file, because that’s the way you’d view it. I can’t guarantee colours are accurate either, but you get the gist of what I’m doing.

Sharing this, honestly makes me incredibly nervous. Apparently my painting is a very emotional and personal thing.. but here you go!

There is no art without emotion, without dedication, without passion.

I’m back on the painting wagon and that makes me very happy – bones and all!

Materials and colours:

Saunders Waterford 1/4 sheet, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber and White Gouache.


At the beginning of this year, I decided it was time to pick up my pencils and brushes again.. it’s been too long and part of that (for me) is keeping a journal with ideas, sketches, doodles etc…

Starting out this year, I am very rusty again!! …and I need to be ok with that as I’ve taken a big break, but I’m loving being back, playing with pencil and paint.

I thought I’d share some ‘boots and all’ stuff of what I’m doing or being inspired by and I want to keep a record here too – this blog was (and is) an arts journal šŸ™‚ ..including my photography.

I’m just having a bit of rusty fun so far.. we’ll see where this takes me..or not.. but for now it makes me happy!

Objects.. and ideas..

Finding inspiration in ‘the ordinary’..

..and inspiration from other sources..

Doodling RobynGosby 2016

..and playing / experimenting..

Poppies RobynGosby 2016

That’s it for now… šŸ™‚