What am I?

Yesterday I took myself outside to sit in the sun for a while, to soak up some warmth and sunshine… Just a very ordinary day in the scheme of things, but I do appreciate being able to take some time out.

I decided to take the camera and wander around, as there have been no photography adventures for me these past few weeks (with the flu) – but I wondered what I could find, if anything, in my own space.. I did! Well.. I think I did 😀 Ok, so it’s not the Taj Mahal, but I still think it’s interesting 😉

What am I RobynGosby 2016

I found this curious little pile of leaves and I couldn’t decide what it was.. a moth? mud? a pile of leaves? I had to have closer look.

Click for a closer view..

I’m imagining that it was probably the shelter for some type of spider.. I don’t know this for sure, but if you see the 2nd photo above there is some webbing on the leaf.. so I think perhaps a spider.

..and that’s it! My 5 mins of backyard adventuring..lol

Textured Gums RobynGosby 2016

Maybe you know what this is – I’d be interested to hear. I suspect this poor tree might be housing a few tiny creatures.

Last days of Autumn..

This month I seem to be enjoying a look through Rose coloured glasses  🙂

Today I’m posting some more images taken at the end of April – I’ve hardly had the camera out at all through May, so far.. but I’ve been enjoying spending a bit of time experimenting with editing this month.

These photos show varying stages of our Autumn – all taken within days of each other (about 3 weeks ago – so things are looking very different now and of course they really aren’t pink, but then they aren’t B&W either) 😉

Only 2 more weeks of ‘proper’ Autumn to go (as I write) and today is showing signs of winter. I sit here typing, with beanie and puffy jacket, but then yesterday was almost summer again… crazy weather!

Well that’s it – another Autumnal look.  I do hope I get another chance to ‘chase Autumn’ this year again, before all of the leaves are gone.

Cherry Tree in April…

This month I’ve been watching the Autumn colours developing.. it’s so beautiful to see the many shades appearing on the trees and now on the ground. The Autumn colours are my favourite colours.

The cherry tree I refer to, is in Australia – so it’s not blossoming – but instead, it’s dropping it’s multi coloured Autumn leaves.

I was out in the beautiful morning light today. Here’s some of what I saw.

It’s also Anzac Day here in Australia and NZ today. A day for remembering those who have served our country and for those who still serve today.  Thank you so much!

A reminder: The One Four Challenge resumes next month on the 2nd May. Come and join me 😀 All are welcome!!

Autumn Colour..

It’s Friday! 😀 .. and today I thought I’s share the beautiful Pin Oak leaves with their Autumn colours. They are turning very quickly now… These photos were taken just as the sun was setting yesterday.

I  love the way these trees show the transition of colour as the tree prepares to hibernate for the Winter season.

Have a fantastic weekend!