March – Behind the scenes…

This month for Behind the Scenes, I’ve still been taking some inside shots along with finally wanting to be outside for the beginning of Autumn.

Here’s what I found..

Weeds, Seeds and softness..

These images (below) show a closer look at a Gerbera after it was a flower. I was amazed to find out that Gerberas literally blow up 😉  One flower head becomes ‘All of this fluff’ (like dandelion tufts). Nature continues to amaze me. 😀 I love that!

I also enjoyed taking a closer look at the little berries on the ornamental pears (seed pods maybe?).. and the thistles all over that are turning to fluff as well.

..and for some softness – the same feather I’ve shared before..

Behind the Scenes March RobynGosby 2016-10

Studies.. of some more Autumn leaves..

I really do love the colours and the beautiful detail in these leaves.

Outside.. in the early morning.. I love this time of year!!

..and the beginning of Autumn leaves on the trees..


This month’s One Four Challenge on Flickr… A St Patrick’s Day clover leaf.

..and the 100x challenge on Flickr too. I’m sharing Monochrome images for the year, following the set themes.. We are already 1/4 of the way there!  These are my choices for this month..

..and this one was meant to be for Monochrome madness. It didn’t go live so I thought I’d share it here too.

Light Cascade RobynGosby 2016

I’ve found lots to inspire me this month without going very far… I am looking forward to a day trip somewhere, sometime.. anywhere would be good 😉 (actually I am away presently at our farm, so no whinging! – my back is improving thankfully, but still with good and bad days)..

For now though, I’m very thankful to find things to photograph that make me smile.  I hope one of these makes you smile too.

I’ve been making my own LR presets too and once I figure out how to share, I’ll be sharing them.

Tomorrow is April! 😀 😀

February – Behind the scenes…

This is my second month returning to take a look at the month that has just passed with ‘Behind the Scenes’..and once again, I’m joining Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons as well..

The Changing Seasons – February 2016

Ok Max – here goes February! ..and by the way, the vodka bottle image was mine (see below) 😉

This month has been another ‘mostly staying close to home base’ kind of month, so here is my offering of the same crepe myrtle tree for The Changing Seasons..

LR Preset Creamtone RobynGosby 2016

I’m also going to include a link to the Daily Post as the seasons are thankfully and literally changing. An extremely welcome reprieve.

Early Morning RobynGosby 2016

February – Behind the Scenes

Here’s what I’ve been finding behind the scenes..

Outdoors and the back yard.. ‘the ordinary’

Studies.. a closer look..

Lore and Debi – thank you for your comments on my seed pod. It’s a Jacaranda tree, seed pod Lore… I saw a crocodile 😉

Playing games..

These doggies would play for many hours in the day.. This was this morning’s fun and I know we’ll be out again!


Another iteration for the One Four.. I’ve had fun with this ‘still’ image this month… more to come tomorrow 🙂

More One Four Feb fun RobynGosby 2016

I’m doing a 100x challenge on Flickr too. My choice was to share Monochrome images for the year, following the set themes..  These are my choices for this month..

Post editing article… for Dynamic Range magazine.. You can read more about the magazine at Leanne’s site.

A small contribution from me this month sharing my post editing process for this realistic version of my tea rose image…

Valentine bokeh fun!

Valentines Bokeh3 RobynGosby 2016

..and lastly I’m going to share another quotation from my desk calendar..
spoken in ‘old words’.. but beautiful words, all the same… it’s good to take notice of the ordinary!

“The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life.” Macrina Wiederkehr

..and WOW! Such a lot to say for this month… If you got this far, then my many thanks for reading and being interested. Tomorrow is the last day of February (AU).. let’s make March a good one!!

January – Behind the scenes…

This month I decided to get back to reviewing the months as they go with ‘Behind the Scenes’..and I’m also joining in with Cardinal Guzman’s The Changing Seasons this year 🙂 I think they fit… so I’m going to start my post with…

The Changing Seasons – January 2016

Max has asked us to share one or more images to describe our month.

My January – this summer has been very hot and stormy / steamy here in Australia (I’ve been staying closer to the coast) and it hasn’t really been outside kind of weather – actually it’s been fairly unbearable, except for early in the mornings and very late in the evenings.. and the occasional day in between. Summer changes each year – it’s always hot of course, but one thing is a constant – and that is the beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree out the front. I know I’ve posted other images of this tree recently, but it’s a favourite of mine and always makes me think of January! I know.. it’s not the beach, but it’s a constant.. except for when a workman trimmed it nearly all off – with a chainsaw!! 😉 That’s another story!


January – Behind the Scenes

My last behind the scenes post was for August.  Ooops! Well let me try this again 🙂

It really has been inside weather, so I’ve been photographing whatever I can find.. here goes..

Whatever sits still for long enough..

Trees and afternoon light..

A happy old dog..

Chillin’ at the end of the day..

… and beautiful everyday Magic!

These are absolutely my favourite finds! Such beautiful creations – I love it 🙂

I found a quote too that really made me stop and ponder..

‘What you are becoming is more important than what you are accomplishing.’

..and all of a sudden February is here!  Hope it’s great month for us all.

August – Behind the scenes

Hello and welcome to my second post on ‘Behind the Scenes’…and some of my doings from the month that has just passed – August.

In July, I decided that somewhere around the beginning of each new month, I’d like to share with you my ‘Behind the Scenes’ images.. the ones that usually don’t make it to the blog, because there aren’t that many days in a month 😀

August was a great month for getting out of my ordinary circumstances – I spent a bit of time in the city, which is not commonplace for me. I’ve also included some ‘everyday random-ness’ as well and some of my other ‘doings’.

The Art Gallery of NSW – I did tell you about this in my post, ‘Today was a good day’.. and here are a few snapshots from our fun day out. It was a lovely temperate day and quite hazy as you can see.

In the Backyard – no photos of gardening this time around, but plenty of ordinary things that you might step over – or on –  without even noticing..  Light play can be fantastic in our own back yards too!

Flowers – I’ve been the keeper of some lovely vase flowers this month.. I ‘need’ flowers 😉 – they brighten my days!

Sydney at night – This is my very first effort at night time photography in the city. It’s not often I have the chance.


It’s not the first time I’ve been on a night shoot – but it’s the first time I was behind the camera 😀 I really enjoyed this and of course there is always something new to learn, which is one of the things I love about photography. Sydney is a very pretty city at night.

Looking across the harbour, you can see the Australian Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and North Sydney. Luna Park was lit up as well for some occasion. Bonus!

I did take a few other photos, but it seems they are gone. In my enthusiasm to put them on my computer… well, I don’t know… Maybe I overwrote them accidently. Sigh! So now.. I’ll look forward to the next time 😀

Sunset by the river– I spent an hour one afternoon wandering by the river at sunset. So enjoyable.. and peaceful!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed August. I hope it’s been a good one for you too! As I said it’s been a fun month of seeing some new (and old) things.

Hope you have enjoyed my second Behind the Scenes.. Have a fabulous September! Come on Spring 😀