Watching the light..

This past couple of weeks I’ve been continuing to experiment with different sorts of light.. and Still Life to see how light effects the objects within my images.

I’ve been watching ‘light’ light as opposed to dark and moody light – I do enjoy finding this ‘happy’ light on darker days.

These images are mostly light and airy and most are shot on grey and/or rainy days. All are using natural light, with a window as the main light source.

I love blueberries. I think they are beautiful.. and tasty! The morning I took these images – I quickly made a blueberry tart ( tipping the berries into a pie dish  😀 ) – and this is what I found.

Light source: Window only – early morning – shooting into the light.

The Autumn leaves below, were shot in a different aspect and at a different time.

Light source: Window only – early afternoon – side light.

Also these leaves are the ones I collected over a year ago and they’ve still kept their colour. I love them!

Lastly for these 4 images (below) – a different feel. Man made objects only – gorgeous, sparkly and colourful. Nothing really of nature itself, except for a beautiful suggestion..

Light source: Window and spot lamp – late afternoon – lamp behind object and window light behind camera.

So three different times of day and different objects makes for quite a bit of variety!

I’d just like to say a big word of thanks for the new and old follows. 😀

That’s it from me for now… Hope you have a great week whatever you’re doing x

Grey day still life..

This past week, I’ve been trying a few different things, within my own space (inside and out).. and I’ve been following the available light… or lack thereof..

This post is one where the light was very low and I was facing a South Eastern aspect (the only place I could set up, in the afternoon) – I wondered what my results might be.  I thought I’d share what I found.

Using a beautiful white Ranuncula (and bud), a quirky earthenware vase, white curtains as a backdrop and a couple of different papers for the table top, I set about trying to ‘find’ what I liked.

My default is usually to look closely at my subject.  I never tire of this… there is always such beauty or interest to be found… For me – this didn’t disappoint.

I needed extra light though, as the ambient light was too low.  I wanted to keep my ISO low (320), so I used a spot lamp just above and behind the subject and also had another lamp set to light the ceiling (1 meter to the right) – you can see the cast shadow in a couple of images. I really could have had better light though (or chosen the higher ISO).

The lighting seemed to give some contrast and enhanced the mood I think – that of the grey day.

Next, I moved further back from my subject – something I really have to think about as I needed to stay within the bounds of my space (roughly 1 metre square).

It’s always worth having a look at the other side of your subject too!  You never know..


So after trying out a few different points of view, I took the images into Lightroom.  On most of the images, I moved the highlights, whites, shadows and dark sliders to bring out what I saw, instead of them being flat. Some did need a lift in exposure – they were too dark or flat – so definitely not the ideal aspect or light!!

Also, on all of the images I added a touch of red to the highlights.

So, that’s it for today – my experiments with Flowers on Friday.

I hope this might give you some food for thought – perhaps.. Have a great weekend!!

Robyn x


At the beginning of this year, I decided it was time to pick up my pencils and brushes again.. it’s been too long and part of that (for me) is keeping a journal with ideas, sketches, doodles etc…

Starting out this year, I am very rusty again!! …and I need to be ok with that as I’ve taken a big break, but I’m loving being back, playing with pencil and paint.

I thought I’d share some ‘boots and all’ stuff of what I’m doing or being inspired by and I want to keep a record here too – this blog was (and is) an arts journal 🙂 ..including my photography.

I’m just having a bit of rusty fun so far.. we’ll see where this takes me..or not.. but for now it makes me happy!

Objects.. and ideas..

Finding inspiration in ‘the ordinary’..

..and inspiration from other sources..

Doodling RobynGosby 2016

..and playing / experimenting..

Poppies RobynGosby 2016

That’s it for now… 🙂