Behind the Scenes – April 2017

April has been such a different month for me, behind the scenes…

Where I made an effort to get outside after the heat, in March – April surprised us with an elderly family member having a pretty big health scare, so it’s been very much an inside kind of month. In the hospital. In the car. Inside. Mostly.

We are thankful though, that things are progressing well.

I grabbed moments within this month, to try and think outside the usual and once again to try and see what was in front of me… on any given day.

So… my Behind the Scenes this month is quite unusual, in that it’s a big mix… and most things I’ve photographed have been Still Life of some sort, with a few outside exceptions.

Here’s what I’ve seen this past month..

Anything was up for consideration… even an ‘Un-wanted still life’ series.. ha ha!



I’d love to know if you can guess what this is (above).. Maybe you’ll guess straight away!

…more experiments, play and creating with the little truck.. A fun little subject!!

Some actual Still Life images…

A view through a window of Sydney city in the distance.. a phone capture..

A day outside (see below).. A really beautiful contrasty Autumn day – again, captured with the phone.

..and a look at a beautiful rose.. at different stages..

Well that’s it from me for April’s Behind the Scenes… A brief and random overview, plus I’m linking up to Max’s Changing Seasons..

I do hope April has been a great month for you… it’s almost done… already!!

Take care and see you soon,

Robyn xx

Still life in nature..

Back to toys again!

Well I suppose they are really collectables… but for me they’re a little fun with still life!

This time of year makes me feel alive with the cool mornings and evenings and the beautiful sparkly morning dews. I love it and it makes me want to explore and create.


I love trains and trucks.. and especially red ones… or pink ones!!

.. candy pink!

A simple post today..

..and here are some images for regular random

..more about different looks this time, with a couple of different views…

Have a great week!

Australian Native Plant Study

This past few days I’ve been setting aside some time to take a closer look at some of our wonderful Australian Native flowers and foliage…

au-native-flower-study-1_robyngosby-2016These are not my own subjects, but a few stems purchased from a florist in town.

Taking a closer view always surprises me, especially with our Native flowers and foliage – they are so intriguing.

I got so excited about seeing the different shapes and textures, that I don’t even know what the lovely purple head is named.ย  I must find out. There are only 3 stems in this bunch including the purple heads. The others are Blue Gum and Banksia (not their botanical or official names).

Here’s what I found in my first study.. hover on the images for descriptions.. and click for larger views.


Seeing the curious shapes and textures reminded me of the fantastic and sometimes unusual work of Artist Margaret Preston.

The painting below is one of my favourite artworks by Margaret.

Margaret Rose Preston (29 April 1875 โ€“ 28 May 1963) was an Australian painter and print maker who is regarded as one of Australia’s leading modernists of the early 20th century.

source: Wikipedia

Western Australian Gum Blossom by Margaret Preston 1928
Western Australian Gum Blossom by Margaret Preston 1928 – image property of Art Gallery NSW

‘Western Australian gum blossom’ is one of a group of paintings by Margaret Preston from the late 1920s, remarkable for their simplicity of design and restrained use of colour.

source: Art Gallery of NSW

I chose to de-saturate the colours in this study. It seemed to let the subject shine through with their unusual viewpoints, instead of being overwhelmed by the richness and sweetness of colour.

I hope to take another look at these fantastic subjects very soon.

Reminder: The last One Four Challenge for 2016 begins on the 7th November – I hope you’ll join me ๐Ÿ˜€