June and July – Behind the scenes…

I’ve been taking some time out over June and July.. and I must say I’ve enjoyed time away from the screen again immensely! It charges my creativity and I love that!

Over my break, I have been with out with the camera here and there and also doing some painting and reacquainting myself with that – an enjoyable and ongoing process 🙂

I’ve been back in the NSW countryside again for the last month as well, so I thought I’d share visually a bit of what I’ve seen over these two months. My behind the scenes..

It’s winter right now.. and we are really having our full share of very cold and stormy weather.


(You can see a few other snow pics in a previous post.)

We haven’t had an abundance of pretty sunsets… but here is one.. Feathery.

Morning abstracts..

The Changing Seasons…

I have missed participating in Max’s Changing Seasons these past months and as I’m presently in the countryside, I can’t photograph ‘my tree’… sooooo… instead…

Here is the same type of tree, but in a different place!

Same tree_different place_RobynGosby 2016


I’ve been enjoying a few planted pots of bright, colourful Cyclamen flowers, watching them change hue in the light or lack thereof.

Still Life

..and I’ve been experimenting with different Still Life images again, watching the light.. The winter light is truly gorgeous!

Pear Still Life2 RobynGosby 2016

and collecting more leaves 😀 I love nature!

This month, I’ve decided to do a Kim Klassen (still life) course to try a different way of doing things.. This is a work in progress, as this is not the way I see things (so far)… but.. good to try something new and learn new things too!!

Top down view - my first effort.
A view from the top – my first effort.


I have been doing a bit of Instagramming through my break.. and I must say I’m enjoying it. There is plenty of inspiration to be found and I love connecting with you over there too! It’s funny how we WordPress people find each other wherever we are 🙂  You can find me on Instagram as @robynwashere

When there isn’t a lot of time, it’s a fun way to connect 🙂

Well I think that’s plenty from me for my first post back.. and I’ll be back again on Monday with the One Four Challenge for August.

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

Robyn xx

Time for a break..

Hello everyone 🙂

As I write this afternoon, I’ve decided it’s time for me to take a break away from the blog for a bit.. and get outside in the gorgeous winter sunshine.

I’m feeling the need to be able to create without the distractions of the screen presently.

Feels like Winter3 RobynGosby 2016

I will still being posting bits on Instagram, but won’t be on the blog or facebook much for a while.

The images in this post are some trees in my yard that are at various stages in these last days of Autumn.

I love the abstractions that the wind, light, colour and shadows have created.

Well, I’ll look forward to seeing you after my break.. and for the One Four Challenge on Monday the 1st August!

Note: I was going to change the blog feed, but decided against it after all. Everything should hopefully remain the same.

Thank you to all of you who leave comments, follow and visit 😀

Lightroom Presets to share..

These past few months, I’ve been experimenting with creating my own Lightroom Presets and Ive been saying for a while that I was going to share them.

Today is the day 🙂

This is my first try at sharing my own presets, so I’m making them available to you for free. They’ve been created in LR6 and as I’m working in LR6 and not CC or previous versions, I’m hoping they will work for you too (I’m unsure, so it will be good to know – there is more to learn and I love that!).

I’d love you to try them and I really hope you will enjoy using them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

There are 10 presets in this download… hover for the descriptions:

The presets will change in appearance, with your different images. Some will suit and some may not. Don’t forget to add your own tweaks too if you want or need to.  See what suits you.

The Presets can be downloaded here and Instructions for uploading to Lightroom are included. (Please remember – they have been created in LR6 and I’m hoping they will suit version 4 or 5 onwards, but I won’t know until you try).

Lightroom 5 works- thanks Kiki!

Terms:  These presets are created by me and made to share with you. They are not to be repackaged, sold or passed on. They can be used for Personal and limited Commercial use. Fair use would be appreciated.

I do hope you have fun with them 😀

PS: I should mention that I’d love to see some of your images if you want to share. Please link to this blog post if you do 😃👍

Another reminder: The One Four Challenge resumes again for May tomorrow. All are welcome!

Cherry Tree in April…

This month I’ve been watching the Autumn colours developing.. it’s so beautiful to see the many shades appearing on the trees and now on the ground. The Autumn colours are my favourite colours.

The cherry tree I refer to, is in Australia – so it’s not blossoming – but instead, it’s dropping it’s multi coloured Autumn leaves.

I was out in the beautiful morning light today. Here’s some of what I saw.

It’s also Anzac Day here in Australia and NZ today. A day for remembering those who have served our country and for those who still serve today.  Thank you so much!

A reminder: The One Four Challenge resumes next month on the 2nd May. Come and join me 😀 All are welcome!!