Country Morning..

February has been such a hot month in Australia – in fact I think it’s the hottest on record since the 1800s.. OR simply the hottest on record.

This means lots of ‘not being outside’.. just way too hot. It’s been a survival and hibernating month so far. Today is another hot one…

This morning though, was gorgeous!ย  A touch of cool in the air.. So pleasant and a good time to be out, before the heat of the day.

Here’s what I saw..

An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..
An overview of the beautiful cool, early morning..

I haven’t been posting much this year, but as the weather cools I hope to be sharing more of what I’m seeing…

Hope you’re having a great year so far!

(This post will link to Max’s Changing Seasons for February… soon..)

Seeing Differently Challenge – 1 of 15

3 posts in 1 day – that has to be a record for me!

I’m sharing my 1st image for the ‘See Differently’ challenge.

As I said previously, it’s incredibly windy here – blustery and awful, but the sun came out briefly, so I went outside to see what I could see differently..

I found a wattle tree that has been blown over and is resting on a fence, so I thought I’d have a look at it… I changed to my 50mm lens too, so that I didn’t do the same thing I always do… look really close.. I really wanted to!

Wattle in blustery winds
Wattle in blustery winds

Now I know this image might drive you crazyย  ๐Ÿ™‚ ..but to me it describes exactly what I am seeing today.ย  High winds and lots of movement.. and thankfully a brief amount of beautiful sunshine.

It’s really quite strange – setting about deliberately to see differently – I wonder if I’ve achieved that with this image? Hmmm.. This will be a good challenge.

To read about this challenge for October – see details here or simply read in my previous post.

September ’16 – Behind the scenes…

Hello and welcome to another Behind the Scenes post from me.

This first month of Spring on the tablelands has been very cold, rainy, blustery and grey – thankfully with a few gorgeous sunny days dotted in between.ย  On those sunny days (or when the sun shows itself), we see the beautiful long shadows…

Before sunset Panorama
Before sunset Panorama

..and the glorious light that I love so much about this place!

Blossoms on show at sunset
Blossoms on show at sunset

The Spring blossoms – ..are gorgeous and I so enjoy watching the stages of blossoming and being close to nature, especially when they are such brightness on a grey day. It always feels like such a privilege.

The Changing Seasons – I’m still in the countryside. For Max’s Changing Seasons I had been photographing one tree throughout the year – but that came to an abrupt halt when I needed to be on the farm for calving in June. So I began looking at another tree – the same type, just in a different place. There is nothing marvelous about this tree (here). It finds it hard in the cold climate…

Here ’tis anyway… the tree’s point of view and a closer look at the bark for this month.

Still LifeI’ve been continuing my Still Life studies and experiments. It’s been so good to have something to focus on (photographically) when it’s so ‘yuk’ outside.

I must say I really have to think about this – I’m used to natural settings but not really creating my own – so… it’s great having the challenge and as usual, I love the light.. and finding it!

Just a few randoms.. and there are plenty that don’t make it ๐Ÿ˜‰

InstagramStill enjoying Instagram – I can honestly say – I didn’t know I would.ย  It seems to be a condensed and abbreviated version of blogging.. Once again you’ll find me over there as @robynwashere ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly for this month’s behind the scenes – just a little find that I think is amazing!ย  A very tiny weed on the side of my driveway. I had to get the macro lens to ‘see’ it.ย  The flowers are only about 3 – 4mm (maybe 2/8 of an inch?) across.. Once again it was very windy day, but here’s what I found by looking closer… Even beauty in the weeds.

Well, it’s now October..

If you’re like me and the grey and cold weather is not your favourite time of year – try finding what is right in front of you – again, like me you might be surprised ๐Ÿ™‚

So… have a great one, wherever you are!

One Four Challenge – December Review

Welcome to the December Review month of the One Four Challenge!

This will be the final month of the One Four Challenge for now, so I’d love to celebrate the previous 14 months and all that we have done and learned along the way.ย  Thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful journey – an idea that became a challenge… and a fun one with huge learning curves! I do hope you’ll join me for this final review month too.

My very HUGE thanks to Nic who supported the Challenge and Myself by hosting last month.. You are the very best Nic and a great host. Thank you very much! xx

As we know the review month is all about looking back and what we’ve achieved in the One Four Challenge… This time I’d like to include our post production – things we learned, software we became aware of and can’t do without now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anything that you’d like to include.. ๐Ÿ˜€

The Review Month is open to ALL participants of the One Four Challenge – please tag and link up as usual.

I’ll pop in whenever I can.ย  (Things – frequencies and towers – have changed around my area with internet and I now have limited (or no) access on some days.)

I’m so looking forward to reading about your One Four journey. I’m so thankful that I’ve got to know you more ๐Ÿ˜€

Lets do this!!

Robyn xx